Hospital IT

Hospital IT Solutions

KT Hospital IT Service is represented by ‘HIS,’ an infrastructure for smart hospital and ‘Smart Hospital Solutions,’ tools for process innovation.

HIS-OCS(Order Communication System)

KT utilizes top quality network expertise and protects customers’ networks from malicious threats such as DDos attacks.

HIS–EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Managing all medical records via electronic devices across the hospital rather than paper chart.

HIS–PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System

Real-time inquired image data captured from diverse devices using storage device through computed radiography technology.

Smart Hospital-Mobile EMR

Ubiquitous mobile solutions for patient information, diagnosis results, and vital signs.

Smart Hospital-Point of Care

Nursing service became more reliable through improved accuracy of patient’s medication information via NFC-based patient identification and RFID-based injection identification.

Smart Hospital–Mobile Electronic Consent Form

Implementation of electronic consent on mobile by standardizing document forms that are used in surgery / anesthesia / examination / hospitalization process.

Smart Hospital–Automatic Reception System

Providing automated or tag-based information of waiting orders and expected waiting time when patient enters the waiting room.

Smart Hospital–Smart Hospital-Patient Navigation System

Tracking patient’s location and guide patients based on personal treatment information.