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GoR introduces an innovative e-Procurement System

In their continued efforts to modernize and improve service delivery, the Ministry of Finance and RPPA introduced for the first time in Rwanda an e-Procurement System. The system, named ‘Umucyo’, aims to streamline public procurement and foster transparency.

Currently, Rwanda is one of the most transparent countries in Africa and has achieved significant ICT growth rate in the public sector. The journey toward becoming a vibrant ICT hub in Africa requires more consolidation of the achieved benefits and their further dissemination to the masses while at the same time embracing innovation.

Together with the Ministry of Finance and RPPA, AOS Ltd has developed ‘Umucyo’ system through consulting for business process reengineering (BPR) and information strategy planning (ISP) regarding the procurement processes in Rwanda. This process went through two phases of preparation and development, taking approximately 16 months.

AOS is an IT system integration company founded by the Government of Rwanda in partnership with Korea Telecom (kt).

‘Umucyo’ was developed as a totally new online procurement system based on the proven Korean e-Procurement platform but with high customization to the Rwandan public procurement environment and governance model.

AOS assisted (and continues to assist) RPPA by building the e-Procurement System that provides a more transparent, fair administration while also increasing the participation of companies in the public market and promoting the development of e-commerce in both the public and private sectors.

After the introduction of the e-Procurement system, all the procedures included in government procurement are conducted online. The e-Procurement system enhances the transparency and efficiency of public procurement by building a single channel for all procurement contracts. In particular, the system was created to help achieve the following objectives:

  • To establish a convenient trading environment for government organizations by building a single channel for procurement contracts.
  • To reduce the required purchase times for the administration by using online processing for the entire procurement process.
  • To reduce entry costs of government procurement, by sharing administrative information through linkages with organizations related to government procurement.
  • To ensure efficiency of public procurement with the standardization of electronic documents, company registration, article listing information and the procurement process.
  • To develop e-commerce by promoting the participation of private companies
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Jules Ngirababo
Project Manager