How we deliver the customer’s value

  • AoS transfers technologies and capabilities from Korea Telecom that has 30 years’ experience of delivering government ICT projects. These ICT projects have been tested and improved in the most advanced market, South Korea.
  • In serving customers, AoS selects technologies that are most cutting-edge and proven successful as well. Moreover, AoS applies these technologies reflecting the lessons learned from past experiences.
  • AoS believes customers’ value can be realized quickly with less time and resource consuming by obviating trial and error.

AoS service spectrum

  • AoS creates and realizes customer values through combining or reconfiguring all the key elements of ICT: mobile & fixed network, platform, solution, consulting, O&M (operations & management), and know-how and experiences.
  • The range of services offered by AoS is broad and comprehensive.
  • Also, the way AoS engages with customers are flexible: CDBOT approach: Consulting, Design, Build, Operation & Transfer.

AoS has capabilities for the network engineering, platform and industrial application


Alliance with Global ICT Leaders

Collaboration with Oracle, HP and other global leaders in ICT.

Service Highlight: e-Government SI/IT

  • e-Government is widely accepted as the government’s key management system that improves national competitiveness.
  • Benefits of e-Government: increased productivity, improved citizen satisfaction on public services, proliferation of national Informatization, accelerated economic growth, and etc.
  • Key Sectors of e-Gov’t Systems: e-Procurement, e-Tax, e-Education, e-Immigration, e-Customs and Information Security.


e-Procurement improves cost efficiency by digitization and streamlining the process, and secures transparency of procurement administration using a single website and a window.


e-Tax system grants not only user convenience and productivity enhancement, but also CAPEX and OPEX saving and unlawful conducts reductions.


e-Customs enhances service efficiency by blocking tax evasion and illegal goods, and strengthens trade competitiveness by improving the efficiency of customs clearance process.