Vision & Culture

1. 5 Year Strategic Plan

A. Vision Statement


The leading ICT Company in Africa


Transforming Africa with ICT solutions and services


  • To realize SRMP through GoR and Private Projects implementation
  • To be a regional cloud hub for EAC in 5 years
  • To have positive EBITDA from year 2016
  • To establish a company presence in at least 2 African countries every year from 2016

B. Strategies

To deliver the best solutions through global sourcing to exceed clients needs

  • Systematic approach to Supply Chain Management with the specialized vendor pool of KT group
  • Prior identification of client’s needs with continuous market surveys and pre-sales activities

To provide highly competitive cloud computing services

  • Outstanding customer care with 24/7 after sales services
  • Development of innovative technology for construction and operation of IDC
To adopt flexible approach for expansion through partnership, branch, subsidiary and Joint Venture

  • Optimization of strategic partnership approach according to local markets’ needs
  • Cooperative marketing efforts with kt in its reference sites on the African continent

To cultivate ICT manpower under systematic skill transfer program

  • Engaging local ICT experts from the initial stage of projects for implementation responsibility
  • Gradual growth of Rwandan operation and management team

D.Business Models

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All the organizations including government, enterprise, SME and non-profit entities
Construction and Maintenance of systems & solutions for Information technology and telecommunication network
Improvement of productivity and efficiency
Service Delivery
Consulting, design, build and operation
Market Size
Around $ 60M in GoR annually

Organizations with needs for servers & computing powers
Cloud, Colocation, Hosting and data recover
Security, secured network and electricity, space service including heating and cooling
Service Delivery
24/7 availability, optimization of operation and technology choices, market driven products (SaaS, IaaS & PaaS)
Market Size
Only limited to budgets of clients annually

Government, enterprise, SME and individuals
IT Outsourcing, IT equipment & solution rental, B2C cloud, payment infra, advertising, broadband Building management, IT certificate
Introduction of new industry, efficiency of citizen’s economic activities
Service Delivery
Infra construction, service operation and maintenance
Market Size