Our Services

System Integration

IT Consulting

Network environment; Server rooms, monitoring rooms, Communication cabling, Data and Disaster Recovery centers, Application development

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System Development

AOS hardware and software platforms are developed from a concept of solving specific problems and creating value for you, the client.

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Network Integration

We assess client network systems and integrate them by ensuring security, quality and redundancy.

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Cloud Datacenter

Cloud Computing

This advanced technology provides clients with a pool of computing resources to scale according to their business needs.

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Server Colocation

AOS offers colocation services where equipment space and bandwidth are available for rental to individual and corporate customers.

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Web/Email Hosting

This service entails domain registration and website hosting services to enhance companies’ accessibility via the World Wide Web.

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Backup Service

AOS offers backup and data recovery services or our customers’ applications and databases …

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Bizmeka is the SaaS business solution providing a market place to enable enterprise customers, SaaS developers and SaaS vendors to trade enterprise SaaS products.

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