KT’s 5G technology has been adopted as the international standard in the International Telecommunication Union

For five days from December 5th to December 9th, KT(CEO Hwang Chang-Gyu , http://www.kt.com) visited the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) headquarters in Geneva Switzerland in order to conduct an event related to the 5th generation of telecommunications. At the event, KT announced that the 5G networking technology it developed would be adopted as an international standard by the ITU.

The 5G networking technology being adopted was introduced last March at ITU-T IMT2020 where the draft version went through five rounds of focus groups for approval. Since then it has undergone revisions and improvements in order to reach its final form which was unveiled this time in Geneva Switzerland. This isn’t merely the adoption of a 5G network management standard; this is the first time a (networking technology) standard is being adopted internationally. The technology is currently undergoing a six month process in which the 193 member states of the ITU will each review the standards. The official and final announcement will take place in 2017.

KT hosted a number of 5G network management working groups at the event, getting a total of 12 to adopt the proposed standard. At the 3GPP, the international telecommunications standards council considered in earnest the document plan that would mean from 2017, there would finally be an international 5G standard. The results of this mean that the domestic (Korean) 5G standard would lead the international 5G standard.

Despite the fact that domestic companies have acquired world-class infrastructure and capabilities, they have taken up excessive costs and efforts into building a network infrastructure and services. That is because the majority of international standards were developed to be favorable to overseas equipment companies.

Additionally, international telecommunications standards were developed differently for wired and wireless connections during that time. This caused telecommunications companies to have to rebuild their telecommunications networks at great expense and effort every time a new technology standard came out. Accordingly this new standard has great importance because the results of this will give an excellent opportunity to innovatively use existing technology infrastructure.

This result also comes from establishing ITU-T IMT 2020 countermeasure correspondence team (Chairman, Kim Hyung-soo, Ph.D. at KT) from 2015 at the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning’s Korean ITU Committee, coming up with a national level counterplan and making thorough preparations. Meanwhile, KT led the establishment of a focus group in 2015 and headed the standardization of the “End-to-end 5G QoS (Quality of Service)” for rough quality/early delay provision 5G core technology. Also, KT continued to put in efforts for the elected standardization of the assembly of Study Group 13, a 5G standard development group, at the World Telecommunication Standard Assembly (WTSA) hosted in Tunisia last November.

KT integration technology director Lee Dong-myun said, “The independently developed 5G technology has been completed to international standards and has been able to take 5G leadership in the global market. Going forward we will make efforts to make the 5G technologies KT developed a successful international standard.”

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