AOS specializes in the digitization of the whole of government, system integration and ICT infrastructure development.

i) E-Procurement Solution:

AOS solution enhances organizational transparency and accountability as well as improving cost efficiency for government and suppliers by streamlining the procurement system, through digitization.

The improved cost efficiency and transparency for both government and suppliers ensures satisfaction in procedures, minimizing possibilities of loss.
(Reference: Rwanda ‘umucyo’ solution)

ii) Security Surveillance CCTV System

AOS Security Surveillance and Traffic Enforcement System increases perceptions of safety and security and at the same time improves investor confidence.

This system allows for strategic urban planning and was developed in Rwanda to aid the government in the realization of its well-considered objectives of overall development of the country under the EDPRS II initiative.


iii) e-Immigration

AOS e-immigration solution increases traveler convenience through faster, more efficient and secure processing. Our e-immigration solution eases service delivery through the effective and efficient application and receipt for/of different documents required for travel, permits, etc..

Other benefits of this solution:

  • The solution collects and analyzes information from different data sources in real-time
  • This solution improves convenience and public safety by blocking out restricted travelers
  • There’s accurate and fast service offered as waiting time is dropped from 1 to 10 minutes.
  • High-tech recognition technology is applied in electronic passport use.

iv) Smart Administration

AOS allows you to stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere with our mobile centralized, highly secure collaboration system.

This system can be tailored for government, city authorities and other organizations. It is easily accessible and can be used on all devices (phones, tablets, PCs).