Solutions by Industry


We enhance government service delivery cutting on paper work, costs and red tape and as a result, increasing the efficiency

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These include; e/m- banking, Mobile money, NFC payment, Payment Gateway, Card processing

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AOS e-Education solution enhances equity and equality in the delivery of learning across the education network.

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Health care solutions that reduce on patient waiting time and enable fast and efficient test results.

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Our solutions improve tourist satisfaction through the analysis of the wide variety of data ..

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By Offering


We specialize in the digitization of the whole of government, system integration and ICT infrastructure development.

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Pension Administration

Fully integrated, web-based software system with comprehensive functionality for administering pension benefits.

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Smart Banking

We develop systems for smart banking in two categories; core banking and business banking, depending on our clients’ needs.

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Smart Learning Platform

AOS develops ODL (Open and Distance Learning) systems where scholastic material/content ..

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e-Mobile Health

AOS has developed e-health solutions that offer you convenience, save your time and limit the unnecessary trips to healthcare centers.

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Hospital IT

This system aims to promote paperless workflow in hospitals and to fast-track treatment and post-treatment processes.

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Virtual Reality

AOS Ltd has made VR a reality in Rwanda. At present, we have mainly focused on VR content for the tourism industry.

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